Thanks for stopping by! My name is Clay Townsend and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love photography and I equally love being outside and experiencing nature. These two things meld perfectly with the art of landscape photography. Creating the images that I do forces me to be out in the wilderness during breathtaking moments working with fleeting light usually at the very last or very first minutes of the day. I love every second of it and hopefully that pours through in my work. 
My whole life I’ve experimented with different art forms including music, design and drawing. I was first introduced to landscape photography when I visited an amazing photo gallery in Las Vegas. This sparked my interest and I bought my first DSLR in early 2010. From there it became a complete obsession. I taught myself from anything I could get my hands on that would help me learn how to capture beautiful landscape images. I have since dedicated much of my life to studying and appreciating this great art form.
My work has been used for tourism advertising in Florida and North Carolina, featured on the websites of National Geographic and Landscape Photography Magazine, published in Our State Magazine and WNC Magazine, and been sold countless times as wall art and commercially through stock agencies and private licensing.
My wife Katie and I grew up in Central Florida, but now live in Charlotte NC with our little dog, Winston. We love traveling and hiking, good movies and shows, sports, biking, playing golf and a good bottle of red wine. Once again, thanks so much for taking the time for my art, it means the world to me.
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